BADA HL-6 HL6 XLR Balanced Audio Interconnects Cables Pair
BADA HL-6 HL6 XLR Balanced Audio Interconnects Cables Pair

BADA HL-6 HL6 XLR Balanced Audio Interconnects Cables Pair

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Model: BADA HL-6

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HL-6 balance cable use Bada¡¯s highest grade of five-star OCC wire, has patent technology of five-star-shaped cross-section, high-purity single crystal oxygen-free copper conductor. In the case of the same consumption of copper, its surface area increases, thus reducing the skin effect of high-frequency, improve transmission capacity of high-frequency signals. Reduce the collision loss and distortion at the time of signal transmission, audio signal is unobstructed. Will also reduce interference generated by the signal fluctuations, treble is fine, clear, very good quality music. Uses form of combination of single and multi-unit, treble and median, bass music signal can be transmitted balanced. At the same time, wire using four groups of round arrangement, can offset electromagnetic vibration and interference between cables. Uses high-grade low-loss plugs, wire welding uses Bada¡¯s unique zero-contact silver solder, wire and terminal make a smooth transition make high frequency signal scattering be the smallest, music is balanced, loyalty to restore. HL-6 balanced RCA cable, the positive and negative signal is independent transmission, apply to be used between the source with balance output and a power amplifier with balanced input, can effectively improve the analysis and a sense of music. Uses high-quality fiber net to decorate the wire sheath, look beautiful and can effectively protect the wire from wear and tear.