Choseal AA-5401 Audio RCA plug Interconnects Cable 1.5m Pair

Choseal AA-5401 Audio RCA plug Interconnects Cable 1.5m Pair

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Model: CHOSEAL AA-5401
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Lenght: 1.5M
Diameter: 10mm
Material: 6N 9999.99% pure OCC copper
Used for interconet with DVD, CD to Amp or AV system
Top grade of Choseal audio cable.

OCC technology uses a different cooling technique to produce the pure single crystallized copper. The finalized OCC pure copper product has 6N purity 99.9999%.

Because of its characteristics of single crystal, unidirectional, free of impurity, flexible fatigue-resistance, corrosive-resistance, low electric resistance, none-crystal boundaries, rapid transmissibility, perfect in structure, and easy to process, all make it an ideal material for making rapid transmission lines. From inner hook up wires to interconnect cables, they can be widely applied to Hi-Tech products such as Hi-Fi stereo system, high resolution TV.

A couple of years after the OCC was introduced, the "nines" race began. This refers to how many times the number "9" can be repeated when specifying a metal's purity. The prime contaminants in very high purity (99.997% pure, four nines) copper are silver, iron and sulfur, along with smaller amounts of antimony, aluminum and arsenic. The purity of OCC Copper can reach up to 99.9999% and even higher

But with OCC, the nomenclature "six nines" or "eight nines" has almost no meaning. All else being equal, higher purity is a straight forward benefit. However, grain structure, softness and surface finish can each make more difference than a "nine" or two. Then there is the matter of measurable purity. Due to contamination caused by the measuring process, there is a serious question as to whether any metal can be verified as having greater than six nines purity. Also, since "nines" became a selling point, some quite absurd and dubious claims have been made. Let the ears beware.

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