JungSon Beauty Deity monitor Power Cable AU Australia Plug New
JungSon Beauty Deity monitor Power Cable AU Australia Plug New

JungSon Beauty Deity monitor Power Cable AU Australia Plug New

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Model: JungSon AU plug

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JungSon hifi audio Beauty Deity perfect monitor Power cable AU Australia plug 1.5m brand new

The power line right-twist made ​​by the 7 shares, four shares for the white insulated solid line (without conductor), where a share of wires, and the remaining 3 shares and 3-strand wire spacing layout. 3-strand wire of copper per 60 mm from the φ0.2 made ​​the right twist. 3 shares, respectively, layering gray, green, black insulated PVC, the overall insulation from within the outsourcing of white paper, PVC layers, nylon net. Per wire of about 1.9 mm2 cross-sectional area, enough to carry two or three amps of current.
Characteristics: First, the conductor metal of high purity, high conductivity, cross-sectional area; Second, insulation, shielding stringent structural performance, excellent shock and so on. Power cord of the sound can not be neglected, because audio chain, it is in the forefront, providing a link for the follow-up of basic services, no matter how up-grade of the link, it provides pure AC is always at work .
Cable length: 1.5 m
Conductor Material: Copper
Technical parameters: 53c (p) 3.1L (uH)
Sense: the power cord with this, the net a lot of background music; sound field of the breadth, depth has a greater expansion, and it is clear; frequency increased, the volume increases.
All products are manufactured passed China national 3C and the International ISO9001:2000 authentication .