Tone Winner AC-6 Audiophile Aduio RCA Signal link Cables pair
Tone Winner AC-6 Audiophile Aduio RCA Signal link Cables pair

Tone Winner AC-6 Audiophile Aduio RCA Signal link Cables pair

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Model: AC-6

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Tone Winner AC-6 audiophile aduio RCA signal link Cables pair 1 meter 6N OCC brand new

Selected to mention the purity of 99.9999% oxygen-free copper multi-strand single-crystal (6N OCC) conductor, single-crystal high-purity oxygen-free copper is a mention, arranged in a single crystal, the crystal between almost no "grain boundaries" and "superconductive" (As the "grain boundaries" will signal through the reflection and refraction, resulting in signal attenuation and loss), the use of special symmetrical spiral geometry and perfect anti-evil sound filling process, as well as high-density multi-layer network and special magnetic shielding braid ring electromagnetic shielding material, the complete elimination of the free space electromagnetic waves and nearby noise interference on the audio signal, with overseas famous manufacturers of non-magnetic gold-plated pure copper 24K RCA plug connected to ensure a high fidelity audio signals, and bit by bit vivid detail! Sound noble and elegant, delicate dense texture, music, flavor, high-frequency sound rich hall, air sense, the sense of space reaching class! IF sweet harmony, low-frequency elastic and full of feeling in class! Allows you to even more powerful high-end audio and enjoy the ultimate in style fever!

Standard length: 1 m