QLS-HiFi QA661 High Professional Digital Audio DSD Player
QLS-HiFi QA661 High Professional Digital Audio DSD Player
QLS-HiFi QA661 High Professional Digital Audio DSD Player
QLS-HiFi QA661 High Professional Digital Audio DSD Player
QLS-HiFi QA661 High Professional Digital Audio DSD Player
QLS-HiFi QA661 High Professional Digital Audio DSD Player

QLS-HiFi QA661 High Professional Digital Audio DSD Player

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Model: QLS-HiFi QA661

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QA661 is QLS after years of technology and experience precipitated heavy launch a new generation of high-end digital turntable, the sound on the previous generation of products to further enhance the high quality of sound at the end of a clean, small signal reproduction capability, full of sound relaxed feeling. She has a mission, she had to let everyone on the digital dial to change the past stereotype, she was completely irrelevant and digital sound. Sound should be smooth, be sure to smooth, to Balmy, to full, have to live, with open, more should be loose, Naiting. For this mission QLS who fought numerous day and night, only voicing more than six months.

Dozens of high-end foreign sources (high CD, advanced USB interface ...) research and analysis study. Parameter comparison of all aspects of the plurality of circuit program analysis, comparison of the actual audition AB; dozens of different models of domestic and international power transformer parameters AB comparison analysis of the actual audition; dozens of digital audio output isolation transformer parameters AB comparison analysis of the actual audition; key positions AB comparison audition dozens of capacitance; outlet compare different models of different brands audition; after several different crystal oscillator circuit dozens of foreign born QLS Model Comparison audition new generation clock circuit; a plurality of details where many practical ways to avoid vibration AB Compare audition; different isolation mode AB comparison isolation circuit actual audition; a variety of power circuit parameters AB test the actual audition after the birth of a new generation of power supply circuit QLS; AB compare different machines inside the actual audition; compare different EMI audition process and isolation; QLS unique multiple occasions liquid metal filtering application

QLS QA661 only has power to deal with new technology, a new generation of zero Jitter clock and digital processing circuitry, super-real-time software architecture, design and other sophisticated circuit isolation breakthrough innovations from Qianlongsheng sound. It is equipped with advanced digital audio transformers SC947-02, Nuvotem Talema power transformers, power supply plug end Switzerland + Schurter Schurter Fuse, CMC fever RCA coaxial seat, BC & WIMA & ERO & ROE & SPRAGUE & Panasonic fever capacitance

With a QA661, you can easily accomplish the following pleasant experience
1. As a high-quality digital turntable (player) to use. High-performance single-chip platform QA661 in the new power supply processing circuit, zero Jitter clock and digital processing circuits, precision isolation circuit design under the blessing can provide a very high quality digital output.
2. Use as a high-quality digital interface. QA661 built a sound level very high XMOS USB interface (we actually reach down to listen to the sound level XMOS line interface), giving users more convenient to use.
It not only can be used as stand-alone player to use, give you a feeling of pure microcontroller bring net, really.
You also can use it to set up a good platform to deduce PCHIFI hearts of the most perfect piece of music.
3. Use as a digital signal quality lifter. QA661 have a coaxial input, the digital signal can be input to enhance the sound.

Conducive to the Sound of the Software Architecture
QLS QA661 still uses exclusive patented technology --- threaded microcontroller pure tone player. Unique program architecture enables digital output with very low clock jitter (Jitter), and the digital audio output to the HI-END peak.
QLS is to give up the operating system, and the use of proprietary, patented technology --- threaded microcontroller pure tone player, it is QLS researchers spend several years his party and win hundreds of thousands of lines of assembler microcontroller player program. Why do we have to put hundreds of thousands of software R & D costs in the final product is not easy to see the value of the part? This is a HiFi dedication, dedication to the pursuit of high quality, it is an extreme fever spirit. Because we are convinced: Music will not be distorted, completely restore, is the primary task of the player.

Supports Master Class High Bit-Rate File Playback
QA661 can play 24Bit / 192KHz large rate of WAV digital audio stream, we know that the traditional CD-ROM only 16Bit / 44.1Khz, the amount of data 24Bit / 192KHz digital mastering of data than a traditional CD 5-8 times (a 24Bit / 192Khz mastering song has a capacity of almost an entire CD), so the digital mastering both in the sound field, density, dynamic and resolving power so far beyond the traditional CD quality.

Digital DSD Player that Supports Native 1Bit DSD Output
Support DoP v1.0 protocol.
Support DSD64 (2.8224MHz), 1bit, Stereo.
Support DSDIFF and DSF file, SACD ISO image file (DSD coding) direct play.

Coaxial Input
QA661 has a very interesting feature, which has a coaxial input, the digital signal can be input to enhance sound, regardless of your TV set-top boxes, DVD, HD player, the low-end CD players, or a Bluetooth or WIFI device .. ..., provided they have a coaxial output, you can enter into QA661, after QA661 reforming circuit for signal optimization, the sound will be a lot of nice.
After the coaxial input process will be re-equipped coaxial, fiber optic, AES / EBU output interface, playability greatly increased.

Digital Clock Output
When using the internal player QA661 is with a complete electrical isolation, and excellent parameters word clock (WORD CLOCK) output if your DAC also includes word clock input, such as Hilo, the DAC can be connected via a BNC word clock input line that work on the DAC clock and players will be able to fully synchronized, so the sound quality and further enhance the sense of hearing.
We experiment with Hilo word clock synchronization, sound more full and plump, increased detail overtone lines are clearer sense of sound, the overall sound is more of a taste and resistant to listen.

Note: The digital clock output only works inside the player when using the USB interface and an external coaxial input, word clock does not work (no output).

USB Digital Interface
QA661 built a sound level very high XMOS USB interface (we actually reach down to listen to the sound level XMOS line interface), users through our QA661 supporting the USB cable to your computer, you can use the computer to play music directly from QA661 output.
XMOS asynchronous interface using the latest transmission chip U8A, which have a strong multi-core multi-thread processing capability, is the industry's advanced USB digital audio solution that supports DSD (DoP output).
Qianlongsheng on the basis of the original program to optimize the circuit and layout design, supply liquid metal filter + super isolation filter regulator circuit, the clock, the master, the output of each module is powered separately.
The clock uses a QA661 player portion same clock circuit and crystal, make sure you have a good clock source.
Reference high-end USB interface ahead of complete electrical isolation to ensure the signal path is short and low interference to a great extent the potential to play a system.
Output end adopts no common ground electrical isolation design to ensure that the output terminal of the computer USB interface port is completely electrically isolated, so that the rear end of the device to the computer completely out of the ground, the complete elimination of the impact of noise on the sound quality of your computer.
Successful applications noise on QA360 self-absorption circuit is applied to the interface circuit, further enhance the sense of hearing.

Sound Features:
"Perfect restore each music" to preserve the original music, vivid and musical sound bottom clean, smooth and natural sound, fresh, moist, transparent and full of atmosphere, with open. Overall sound fine, smooth, transparent, fresh and natural.

Founction Features
Support SD / SDHC / SDXC, can support 128GB SDXC card (future software upgrade can support larger SD card).
Supports WAV, FLAC, APE lossless formats and other mainstream MP3 lossy compression format.
Support 24Bit / 192KHz high-bit-rate digital audio formats WAV and studio mastering WAV file playback.
Play supports WAV / FLAC / APE and CUE file association, CUE supports ANSI, UNICODE, UTF-8 encoding.
Direct broadcast support DSD64,1bit DSD files and DSF DIFF, directly play SACD ISO (DSD coding) image files, DoP output.
OSD supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English.
Aluminum Panel Remote control key with more quickly, easily and quickly search or locate a song, at the same time to achieve a more humane control.
Power-fast boot, usually the operating system of the machine boot time is very long, and easy to hang, to use a great deal of inconvenience. Our software is stable, fast boot time.
Digital output: coaxial output, optical output, digital balanced AES / EBU output, word clock output. While the output and the brightest can interfere with each other.
USB interface: QA661 built a sound level very high XMOS USB interface.
Coaxial input: QA661 have a coaxial input, digital signals can be input to enhance the sound.
AC input with a voltage selector switch, switch by countries around the world can adapt to the supply voltage.

Design Features:
SCM single-threaded application architecture, completed by the addition of remote control decoder chip, high real-time, ultra-low Jitter is sound with high quality assurance.
QLS new generation of zero Jitter clock circuit, with imports of high-quality audio with crystal dedicated PLL, and to provide the best quality clock power, to ensure high-precision, low-jitter digital audio clock.
24Bit true digital audio processing core, which supports 192K samples.
Implementing sound of electricity as the mother of the design concept, the use of a new generation of power supply circuits, not only low noise, fast response, high ripple rejection, more importantly, completely isolated from each other influence, to ensure the quality of each part of the power supply at the same time to do background black, fresh, full, enough to simulate the taste.
Machine design implement pursuit of extreme fever theory, power input socket using Swiss Schurter filter outlet, and comes standard with Switzerland Schurter fuse, giving up the front of the power switch, and likely to affect the quality of the electronic switch Standby function.

A plurality of circuit part of the whole machine isolated isolation mode design, the machine as a more independent split design to eliminate the production of digital sound.
Digital signal isolation using digital audio transformers SC947-02, to ensure high-quality and good sense of hearing.
Use NuvotemTalema seal toroidal transformer, quality assurance from the power source.
Pursuit of perfection, the use of CMC fever RCA coaxial seat, ensure good electrical transport properties.
Machine complex way shock absorbers and suspension technology designed to ensure sound very pure, very clean, very real.
Miscellaneous letter from absorbing circuit, metal shield isolated case Shimoji reasonable process and increasing the free electron absorption circuit to ensure that sound run, quiet.
Liquid metal filtering power and signal multiprocessing ensure sound enough density and layering.
Audio and control board are in a 4-layer circuit board design, to ensure the full integrity of the ground plane and digital high-frequency signals, while ensuring a low internal resistance of the power supply circuit.
Machine inside, resistors, capacitors and other components brands and models do not compromise, do not appear to ensure that the overall design is significantly shorter board.
All the features of the software are built can not be done on the basis of the sound effects, all affect the sound quality of the format or function we will not hesitate to cut.
Most raw materials are new original spot direct procurement from abroad, although more expensive than domestic prices, but to ensure genuine and quality.
Digital audio output follows the industry standard, the standard impedance level, and has a large current drive capability to ensure signal quality.

Output Impedance: 75 ohms (coaxial); 110 ohms (XLR AES / EBU).
Output voltage: Coaxial (0.5V pp); Word Clock (3.7Vp-p); XLR (5V pp balance).
Digital Output: PCM / DSD (DoP) / Dolby Digital / DTS format.
Sample bits: 16Bit or 24Bit.
Sampling frequency: 44.1Khz, 48Khz, 88.2Khz, 96Khz, 176.4Khz, 192Khz.
Supported formats:
WAV: 16 / 24bit, 44.1 ~ 192 kHz.
AIFF: 16 / 24bit, 44.1 ~ 192 kHz.
FLAC: 16 / 24bit, 44.1 kHz ~ 48 kHz, compression level 0 ~ 8.
APE: 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, compression level fast and normal.
ALAC: 16 bit, 44.1 kHz.
MP3: 16bit, 44.1 / 48 kHz, 96k bps ~ 320k bps, CBR / VBR / ABR encoding.
CUE: ANSI / UNICODE / UTF-8 Encoding.
DSD: DSD64 1bit, Stereo --- DIFF, DSF, SACD ISO.
Machine power consumption: < 10W
Input Power: AC 100-120V or AC 220V-240V 50 / 60Hz (machine switch)
Remote Control Material: aluminum panels, plastic case, plastic buttons
Remote control Dimensions: 237 x 48 x 22mm;
Remote Control Weight (without batteries): 135g.
Host shell material: aluminum.
Host Size: 215 (W) x 315 (depth) x 100MM (H) (including the exposed connectors and spikes).
Net weight: 6KG.

Input Interface:
USB 3.0 & 2.0 compatible USB B type input x 1
SD card insertion slot x 1
RCA coaxial input port x 1
Power input x 1

Output Interface:
RCA coaxial digital output x 1
BNC word clock output x 1
Side port optical digital output x 1
Digital balanced AES / EBU output x 1

1 x QA661 Player
1 x USB Cable
1 x Power Cord
1 x User Manual
1 x Card Reader
1 x Remote Control
1 x 16GB SDHC Card