Shengya CD-3.8 vacuum tube CD Player Full Balanced Field-effect
Shengya CD-3.8 vacuum tube CD Player Full Balanced Field-effect
Shengya CD-3.8 vacuum tube CD Player Full Balanced Field-effect

Shengya CD-3.8 vacuum tube CD Player Full Balanced Field-effect

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Model: Shengya CD-3.8

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1.CD-3.5 is improved by the upgrade from the original CD-3 on the basis of products; the machine to optimize the movement of the assembly process, so that its reading accuracy increased dramatically, so that the voice of the amount of information and sound density significantly improved, more accurate sound field positioning.
2 The machine has two output of the transistor audio output and tube audio output options; the convenience of users according to the different equipment or hobbies to choose one of the output mode.
Three transistor audio output FET CPI current output, low-frequency deep and powerful, wide sound field, a powerful dynamic. Tube audio output using Russian-made enthusiast gold pin tube 6922, beautiful sounds, sound performance, analytical, air sense better.
4 Philips performance VAM1202 movement, accompanied by a high level of integration CD7-II digital servo IC, so that the machine has its reading is accurate, error-correcting ability, good shock resistance.
5 digital-analog converter chip decoder chip PCMl792 Burr-Brown Corporation. The chip has a 24bit conversion accuracy and 192KHz sampling frequency to be able to accurately restore every detail of the music, another to ensure accuracy, but also in particular the use of independent active clock.
6 Analog signal amplification using the Burr-Brown precision, high-speed operational amplifier OPA627 and OPA2134 and the OPA2604. With a well-known third-order GIC low pass filter can effectively filter out the interference noise of the digital signal, audio signal purer.
7 Analog supply by a high flux, low magnetic leakage toroidal transformer power supply. Numbers, the movement of power also increased from the other only independent toroidal transformer responsible for the supply, to ensure that the various parts of the circuit without disturbing each other.
8 tube and FET hybrid precision high voltage power supply, voltage stability high. AC ripple coefficient is very low, the sound performance more bile taste, the sound generated by the benefits of more significant.
9.XLR and RCA terminals are gold-plated imported advanced products to ensure that the beautiful sound performance I also durable power cord for the senior wire of the U.S. system XLO (high card), the sound field positioning, depth, width, air sense, control have a very good help.
10. chassis and the amplifier chassis, the same design concept, three-foot landing on the chassis balance and external vibration attenuation has a positive effect; the aluminum structure of the chassis can be effective in reducing the resonant frequency, and improved the sound quality is pristine degree.

Transistor audio output
Audio output level: 2.5V
Frequency response: 10Hz - 20KHz ± 0.5dB
Dynamic Range: ≥ 100dB
signal to noise ratio: > 95dB
Harmonic Distortion: < 0.003%
channel separation: > 90dB
Power supply voltage: 220V(±10%) 50Hz
Dimensions (W × H × D): 446 × 120 × 420 (mm)
Packing size (W × H × D): 510 × 180 × 455 (mm)
Net Weight: 14kg
Gross Weight: 16kg