G&W T-6S HiFi Audio Vacuum tube pre Amplifier Brand New
G&W T-6S HiFi Audio Vacuum tube pre Amplifier Brand New
G&W T-6S HiFi Audio Vacuum tube pre Amplifier Brand New

G&W T-6S HiFi Audio Vacuum tube pre Amplifier Brand New

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Model: G&W T-6S

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1. G & W using the latest development of the most cutting-edge classic class circuit before the gallbladder
2. use of virtual battery voltage regulator circuit high-voltage delay power supply
3. using stacked rectifier circuit
4. Germany ROE, FRAKO and SIEMENS electrolytic capacitors for filtering
5. Japanese imports of silicon steel around the system of the O-type transformers
6. thick plate-based 70 mm thick copper thin circuit boards
7. RCA gold-plated by the US CMC
8. The signal wire of the machine adopts American square copper wire
9. output with double direct coupling
10. can promote the high-grade tubes and transistors after the class
11. Chassis bottom 5mm thick steel plate manufacturing, the whole resonance significantly reduced.
12. Each tube has two sets of silicone rubber damping ring, in order to reduce the tube produced by the microphone effect.
13. In addition to the tube with the post-level, but also with most of the tube combined amplifier support, because they are not with the former level, coupled with the pre-level after the audio can enhance an order of magnitude.
14. can promote high-grade transistors in the post-class, T-6S uses a double direct coupling, will not find the DC voltage, damage to the post-level, which is the tube before the level of imports of other tubes on the market before the difference, please rest assured For use with.
15. T-6S bile before the internal core circuit, G & W circuit design as the soul.

1. the input sensitivity: 150mV
2. the frequency response: 10 Hz ~ 95 KHz (-1dB)
3. the total harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.01% (1KHz. Vo: 1V)
4. the signal to noise ratio: ≥ 100dB (600 Euro input time)
5. the maximum output amplitude: ± 60V (sine wave)
6. the output phase: in phase
7. the whole weight: 12kg
8. machine size: width 43 × high 12 × deep 35 cm