MingDa MC34-B 6L6*4 valve preamp & Integrated Amplifier 2 in 1
MingDa MC34-B 6L6*4 valve preamp & Integrated Amplifier 2 in 1

MingDa MC34-B 6L6*4 valve preamp & Integrated Amplifier 2 in 1

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Model: MC34-B

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This amp can be a preamp, and also can be a Integrated amplifier.

This tube amp is MC34-B upgraded version. The original classic is Integrated amp circuit. This upgraded version added preamp output function.
The preamp Functional effects prominent, very high performance cost ratio.
The power switch on the right side of the chassis
Its front panel has a preamp output, can be a preamp to link power amp.
In the rear of the chassis has a switch, to chooes preamp or Integrated amplifier.

Designed ultra-wideband output transformer, superior sound quality.
Handmade scaffolding welding.
Power output transformer chip high-quality materials are imported from Japan, enameled wire products for the international quality certification
Capacitors, resistors, connectors, switches, potentiometers, signal lines are imported quality products
Power supplies short circuit protection.
Preamp is Nagao type inverter circuit.
Power amplifier is a push-pull circuit.
The tube amp tubes can also enjoy a variety of change,
Export volume in the first Meixing amplifier.
work well for the speakers sensitivity which above 86dB.

Output Power: 22W x2
Output Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω
Input Sensitivity: 200mv
Input Impedance: 100K
Distortion degree: 0.8%
SNR: 90dB
Power consumption: 140W
Input options: 4 groups
Output options: 2 groups
Frequency response: 18Hz-60KHz ± 1dB
Enlarged tube: 6L6/EL34 x4 6N1 x4
Net dimensions: L 38cm * W 32cm * H 20cm
Power supply voltage: AC 100/240V 60Hz/50Hz
Weight: 19KG
Gross weight: 21kg