ToneWinner AD-8PRE HI-END Audiophile preamp Decode pre-amplifier Electronic Crossover
ToneWinner AD-8PRE HI-END Audiophile preamp Decode pre-amplifier Electronic Crossover

ToneWinner AD-8PRE HI-END Audiophile preamp Decode pre-amplifier Electronic Crossover

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Model: ToneWinner AD-8PRE

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The AD-8PRE uses a precision brushed aluminum alloy panel, which is still based on Tianyi's consistent black and white two-tone aluminum alloy brushed panel, with a very delicate blue subtitle display in the middle. The polished aluminum alloy volume knob is complemented by a finished all-aluminum remote control, which is compact and heavy, and highlights the unique HI-FI fan of the digital era!

The electronic crossover HI-FI power amplifier belongs to the high-end flagship level of the front and rear split type. It is the perfect product of the high-fidelity amplifier experience accumulated by Tianyi Audio for many years and the high-tech combination of DSP digital sound effects in the audio industry. The core technical points are all Focus on the AD-8PER pre-stage DSP electronic crossover and digital / analog DAC decoding shaping amplifier preamplifier output circuit.

The CD player optical fiber or coaxial CD digital stream signal enters the 24bit/192KHz digital receiving circuit (or analog/digital conversion circuit) composed of circuits such as AK418A and AK5388 through the input circuit, and enters the dual DSP by CIRRUS CS47048 and CA48540 in the United States. The processing circuit is configured to implant a 32-segment EQ precision adjustment equalizer for the frequency range of the listening domain, and the equalizer circuit cooperates with the software system to perform a "one-to-one" comprehensive correction and matching on the finally selected speaker unit, or Boost or attenuate to make the spectral curve flatter, more in line with the frequency distribution and vocal characteristics of the speakers used. The frequency processed by the EQ will be divided by another DSP circuit to connect the natural smooth and seamless high-, medium-, and low-level audio signals, and sent to the left and right channels composed of six AD1955 chips, high, medium, and low. The three-segment signal performs DAC decoding and digital/analog signal conversion. The AD-1955 decoder chip is a fever-class DAC that has long been popular among audiophiles. Experts also recognize that the AD-1955 has higher performance and better sound quality than the decoding of the AD-1853. It is still difficult to surpass. Top-of-the-line DAC chips with sampling accuracy and quantization standards up to 24bti/192KHz. Its dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio index can reach an astonishing 126dB! In order to minimize the error degree of digital data stream in timing resolution, this machine also specially selects the stability and accuracy. The highly stable crystal oscillator ensures that the timing in the digital quantized sample decoding and D/A conversion circuits is consistent from start to finish, making the jitter distortion almost zero. It laid a solid foundation for the high fidelity of sound quality.

The 6-channel decoded and amplified high-band, mid-band, and low-band analog signals are respectively fed into the synchronized volume control by 6 high-fidelity top-level volume chips MUSES72320, which is specially developed by New Japan Wireless. The high-fidelity two-channel high-quality HI-FI power amplifier electronic volume control chip, because the internal potentiometer uses a ladder resistor and MUSES highly integrated precision wiring layout technology to ensure a wide dynamic range and high S / N ratio, thus with super Low distortion and ultra low output noise (S/N). It has almost no distortion at all, and the OPA2134PA, a fever-grade operational amplifier with excellent performance. The volume control range can be from -111.5dB to +31.5dB, the step precision is 0.25 dB, and the sound size changes extremely smoothly. . The biggest advantage is that it completely solves the problem of poor contact and adjustment of noise caused by the insufficiency of carbon brush wear caused by long-term use of the traditional acoustic potentiometer. It is usually used in high-end high-fidelity HI-FI amplifiers that have high requirements for sound quality.

Since the electronic crossover power amplifier replaces the power splitter in the traditional speaker with the DSP electronic frequency dividing circuit and the multi-stage EQ adjusting frequency response curve circuit inside the power amplifier, the RL frequency divider must be eliminated inside our matching speaker. This is very different from the traditional speaker, so the pairing of the amplifier and the speaker is very strict, only the "one-on-one" tailor-made. This set of AD-8PER/AD-8A front-end power amplifiers is equipped with the same speaker, which is the highest grade of the current children's flute No. 8 electronic three-way version of the floor box, or Tongdi No. 9 electronic split version two-way version of the bookshelf Speaker. The reference comparison audition is Tianyi's current best-rated flagship AD-2SE Class A combined power amplifier to promote the highly acclaimed Dynaudio S1.4MKII. The wire is Tianyi's best golden ring snake single crystal copper 6N line, the signal line uses fiber to directly connect the source output of the CD machine to the AD-8PRE preamp.

Product model:AD-8PRE
RCA≥112dB(A weight, Optical fiber input);
XLR≥115dB(A weight, Optical fiber input);
RCA≥108dB (A weight, Analog balance input);
XLR≥112dB(A weight,Analog balance input)
THD:≤0.007%(1KHZ, A weight)
Rated impedance:8 ohms
Frequency range:5Hz-70KHz
Material:Aluminum alloy
Unit size:444mmX420mmX89mm(L×D×H)
Package size:615mmX550mmX191mm(L×D×H)
Remote control, power cord, knife, battery, test microphone, optical fiber line, USB data line, audio cable.
Applicable places:
Listening rooms, clubs, exhibition halls, banquet halls, auditoriums andother environments require high quality music venues