QINPU S-2 HiFi Speakers Loudspeakers Pair 2011 Latest
QINPU S-2 HiFi Speakers Loudspeakers Pair 2011 Latest

QINPU S-2 HiFi Speakers Loudspeakers Pair 2011 Latest

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Model: S-2

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QINPU S-2 hifi speakers loudspeakers a pair 2011 latest 100% BRAND NEW

This S-2 in September 2011 bluish-white swan & Sound has been demonstrated, unique, not only the appearance is very beautiful, and the sound quality is quite the bar, once the prototype was a pair price of 1800 yuan to grab an empty wash, to date, morning glory and finally production, grand market. Get our hands on, can not wait is the first audition, contrast, from 19:00 until 12:00, with the Yufeng Q-6, Guanju V-5, Fisherman's V-6 to carry out a careful comparison, and finally obtain the following more objective contrast.

Yufeng Q-6, the sound transparent, delicate, sweet, 360-degree sound, stylish, low-frequency weak

Guanju V5, transparent sound, sweet, delicate, simple and generous, a little more low frequency than the Q6

Fisherman's V-6, 3-inch full-range, full voice, soft and sweet, rich bass, high frequency as Q6, V5 texture, is the strength of the human voice

S-2 morning glory, transparent, sweet, delicate texture is very delicate and full thick high-frequency, low frequency passive radiator, the impact force is very strong, very full voice frequency

S-2 is also the voice of morning glory the most comprehensive 2-inch Desktop HIFI speakers, but also my favorite pair!

S-2 There are two color choices, military green and large red

Technical Specifications

Speaker: (2 "+1") × 2

Frequency Range: 60Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 4Ω

Sensitivity: 89dB

Power: 8W

Size: 230 × 145 × 140mm

Net weight: 0.8kg x2 = 1.6kg for a pair

Gross weight: 2.2kg for a pair of speakers