Shuguang SG-845-7 300B 845  Class single-ended Stereo tube Amplifer
Shuguang SG-845-7 300B 845  Class single-ended Stereo tube Amplifer

Shuguang SG-845-7 300B 845 Class single-ended Stereo tube Amplifer

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Model: Shuguang SG-845-7
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100% original brand new , it is  ShuguangSG-845-7, the 7th generation of Shuguang SG-845.
the 7th generation adopts better material on transformer to ensure sound better and  circuit is also upgraded to improve sound . others is the same with 6th generation.
Shuguang 845 x 2 Shuguang 300B-98 x 2 Shuguang 6SN7GTx2 Single-ended Class A Tube Amp Hifi Audio Tube Amplifier
Version A Tube: Shuguang 845 x 2, Shuguang 300B-98 x 2, Shuguang 6SN7GT  X 2 
Version B Tube: Shuguang 845-TA x 2, Shuguang Treasure 300B-Z x 2,  Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z  X 2 
Version C Tube: Shuguang 845-TA x 2, Shuguang WE300B x 2,  Shuguang WE6SN7  X 2 

  • Model: SG-845-7
  • Product Type: Single-ended class A tube amplifier
  • Rated Power : 21W+21W(max24W)
  • Frequency range (Hz) :20-25kHz
  • Noise voltage : ﹤1mV
  • SNR (dB): 88dB
  • Input Impedance : 100KΩ
  • Output Impedance : 4Ω, 8Ω
  • Power supply voltage : AC 110~ 220V ±10%
  • Power consumption : 340W
  • Dimensions (mm): 485x280x260xmm (the largest)
  • N.W: 36kg 
  • G.W:40Kg
  • Chassis: full aluminum chassis (silver and black for option)
  • Resistance: Early production of RJ military-grade Dahongpao
  • The main capacitors: the United States EC, Canada EACO and so on.
  • Volume potentiometer: Japan ALPS blue shell 27 type full seal
  • Screen flow monitoring table: Taiwan custom
  • Welding method: manual scaffolding and PCB board hybrid welding
  • Printed circuit board: 1.6mm thick double-sided epoxy board, thick copper foil
  • Power transformer (four): parameter technology confidential, epoxy resin sealing noise reduction, shockproof, moisture proof treatment
  • Output transformer (two): 96X60 specification EI type Japan Z11 iron core, epoxy resin shockproof, moisture proof treatment
Product Features   
1. 300B and 845 tubes are ideal combination. This amp is suitable for different loudspeaker box as long as its Response Rate is greater than 85DB. For vocals and strings, you'd better to choose bookshelf type speaker. If you like symphony, floor type sound box is a good one.
2.There are 2 current meters on two sides of the amp(as the silver model picture shows), which can professionally supervise the working of the machine to ideal status. On the one hand, it can adjust the balance of left and right sound track. On the other hand, it can adjust anode current when you upgrade the tubes and make the machine and new tubes work perfectly.

Bluetooth Version:


With AC 110~ 220V ±10% working voltage, this amp is suitable for diffrent countries. 

Very safe package, no worries for long journey to your country. 

more pictures provided by our clients

silver version

2,Black version