LITE DAC68 Full Balanced vacuum tube Hifi Audio Output Decoder
LITE DAC68 Full Balanced vacuum tube Hifi Audio Output Decoder

LITE DAC68 Full Balanced vacuum tube Hifi Audio Output Decoder

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Model: DAC68

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1. DAC68 D/A chip adopts AD1853, using advanced chip design.In addition to their full balanced output signal ,can even adjust the output level directly.It has a SNR of 120dB and the dynamic range is up to 116dB.DAC 68 can accept signals from 44.1 kHz to 96kHz.
2. Can be completely matched with the CD turntable of the highest level.The interface is quite complete ,not only has the most common coaxial and optical digital inputs , but also with high-end turntable of AES / EBU interfaces.
3. The digital integrated circuit design uses UPSAMPLER and DEJITTER chips and internal operating frequency is of 24bit/96kHz and the DAC 68 is at full- time job with 24bit/96kHz. Analog part adopts FET as the main part,using OP-style puzzle concept and ultra-low distortion circuit for signal amplification,which has no negative feedback configuration,which is of pure class A.
4. The impedance matching circuit architecture uses two 6DJ8 for output ,and if the machine does no attenuation , the output level is up to 6V, the maximum swing is more than 20V and has a super dynamic,The analog part provides a set of RCA output terminals , and a pair of balanced XLR outputs.
5. As for the power section ,the analog and digital individually uses a high-performance R-type transformer. And each chip has a group of independent power supply lines.Analog part adopts regulator control system to ensure clean and noise-free DC supply.
6. Chassis is made by a 10mm thick aluminum panel , which has an advanced texture.Panel sends digital signals input frequency with blue display and input file position.The panel can directly operate the volume contro and can do 0 ~-80dB switch of 81 segments, can be directly used as digital front stage .

Receive Format: up to 96kHz/24Bit
Analog Output Interface: Unbalanced output and balance a set(each)
Digital receiver Interface: AES/EBU, COAXIAL, fiber a group (each)
SNR :> 92dB(balance), 89dB/unbalanced
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.01%
Dynamic range: >116dB
Tube: 6DJ8 * 2
Voltage: 110V (± 10%) / 220V (± 10%)
Metal box dimensions: 405mm x 290mm x 100mm.
Aluminum panels dimensions: 10mm x 430mm x 80mm.
Net Weight: 7kg
Gross Weight: 9kg