Matched pair PSVANE Vacuum Tube 12AT7-T MK II Collection
Matched pair PSVANE Vacuum Tube 12AT7-T MK II Collection

Matched pair PSVANE Vacuum Tube 12AT7-T MK II Collection

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Model: 12AT7-T MK II


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PSVANE Vacuum Tube 12AT7-T II T-Collection Grade Matched pair PSVANE 12AT-7-T MK II brand new
The price is for 1 pair(2 pcs), if you buy 2pair(4 pcs), we will send the Factory full matched tubes to you.

1, PSVANE T-Collection series MK II use the Carbon Microcrystalline technology. Carbon Microcrystalline is a kind of very stable absorbent (material), and it has excellent heat transfer performance. Carbon Microcrystalline make up stabilization of the electrical performance inside of the Vacuum tube.

2, The PSVANE T-Collection series MK II tube socket is made with Teflon. It is very low electric inductivity, very low dielectric loss, and high breakdown voltage, high electric volume resistivity, high arc resistance. It has a lot of excellent features, it is waterproof and dampproof, withstand high temperature, low temperature resistance and Anti-corrosion. So, It enhances the stabilization and service durability of the vacuum tube.

3, The gray color of the PSVANE T-Collection series MK II tube is made with Aluminum oxidation, never discolor never color deterioration.

4, The feet of the PSVANE T-Collection series MK II tube are made with New formula Real gold plating. It Enhance the performance of the connection part of the contact. It makes the weak signal loss is reduced to a minimum.

Filament heating

UH ---------------------------- 6.3 (and) 12.6 (string) V
IH ----------------------------- 0.30 0.15 A
Electrode capacitance
Gate - gate ---------------------- 0.005 PF
Anode - anode ---------------------- 0.4 PF
Gate - the anode (single transistor) ----------- 1.5 PF
Gate - cathode filament (single transistor) ------ 2.2 PF
Anode - cathode filament (single transistor) ------ 0.5 PF
The filament - cathode (single transistor) ----------- 2.4 PF
Anode - cathode (single transistor) ----------- 0.2 PF
Cathode - the filament, the gate (single transistor) ------ 4.6 PF
Anode - a filament, the gate (single transistor) ------ 1.8 PF
Static parameters
Ua -------------------- 100 250 V
Ia --------------------- 3.7 10 mA
Gm -------------------- 4 5.5 mA / V
Rk --------------------- 270 200 Ω
u ---------------------- 60 60
ri (approx) --------------- 15 10.9 KΩ
Ug (approx) --------------- 5 -12 V
(When Ia = 10uA)
A1 amplify limits (single transistor)
Anode voltage ------------------- 300 V
Anode power dissipation --------------- 2.5 W
Gate voltage -------------------- 50 V
Filament cathode voltage (pk) ----------- ± 90 V
Gate resistance
Since bias ------------------- 1 MΩ
Fixed voltage ----------------- 0.25 MΩ
WER TURBO design;
PSVANE development team of the world's leading vacuum field, through clever design, we achieve the maximum density of the vacuum tube internal distribution of electron flow, compared to other same model vacuum tube, the T-series of the second generation of the sound quality has improved significantly, especially in the energy of the sound, dynamic plumpness competitors far behind.
In addition, in order to improve product texture, the aluminum oxide enriched to ensure that will never change color or fade timeless; each a second-generation PSVANE T series products are real gold plated tube needle with a new formula, in addition to further enhance the contact of the connection part of the performance, the weak signal outside to minimize the loss, given the magnificent sound.