Matched Quad(4) PSVANE Vacuum Tube KT88-T Classic Grade Black
Matched Quad(4) PSVANE Vacuum Tube KT88-T Classic Grade Black

Matched Quad(4) PSVANE Vacuum Tube KT88-T Classic Grade Black

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Model: KT88-T

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PSVANE Vacuum Tube KT88-T Classic Grade Matched Quad brand new
The price is for 1 Quad(4 pcs), we will send the Factory full matched tubes to you.

Got the Psvanes. They replaced KT88 treasures and prior to that Pentas and gold lions. There’s just no comparison. If I had to really quantify what I’m hearing I would say the Psvanes just have confidence to sound amazing where as the treasures sound awesome, but polite and demur. in either case the treasures and the Psvanes beat the pants off of the GLs or anything else for that matter.
Pez on AudioCircle
The Psvane T-series black bottle tubes are a further development over the highly sought after Shuguang Treasure Z-series, which was originally first launched by Grant Fidelity in Jan 2009 in North America as Shuguang’s first take on high end vacuum tubes.
The elite team of engineers who contributed to the Treasure Z-series have done further fine tuning of the Z-series in the past few years. The further development has created a new series called Psvane T-series which including 4 black bottle models for the time being – KT88, 300B, 6CA7 and 6SN7 (CV181). The Psvane T-series is considered as MKII version of the Treasure Z-series, but the brand of Psvane is under different ownership backed by venture capital in other countries and controlled by different parties other than Shuguang tube factory itself.
The Psvane 300B-T tubes are direct replacement to standard 300B tubes of all make.
Psvane 300B-T has exactly the same electronic specification as the Treasure 300B-Z. The tube base has been upgraded to gold plated instead of white ceramic. All pins are gold coated as well.
Sonically the T-series is considered modern refined while the Treasure Z-series were originally developed to after the New Old Stock tube sound. Both are great sounding tubes – if you can get your hands on a set with good testing results, you will enjoy both immensely and expand your ‘black bottle’ collection.
Due to the materials selected for constructing the black bottle tubes, the Psvane T-series will require similar 150-300 hours burn-in time to sound to its best.