PSVANE Vacuum Tube WE 274B 1:1 electron tube 5U4G/5Z3P/5R4GY/5AR
PSVANE Vacuum Tube WE 274B 1:1 electron tube 5U4G/5Z3P/5R4GY/5AR

PSVANE Vacuum Tube WE 274B 1:1 electron tube 5U4G/5Z3P/5R4GY/5AR

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Model: WE 274B


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PSVANE Vacuum Tube WE 274B WE (Western Electric) 1:1 re-producingbrand new
The price is for 1 pcs, if you buy 2 pcs, we will send the Factory full matched tubes to you.

This Psvane HiFi Series 274B is an interim product for re-producing the legendary WE274B 1:1 replica. It doesn’t have 100% same appearance as the original WE274B but sound quality is probably the best among all current production rectifier tubes. (The final WE Replica series WE274B 1:1 will be available at future date upon factory notice)

On some Chinese webpages, this tube is referred as WE 274B Replica because some original WE filament materials are used in producing this tube. To avoid confusion with the future to-be-released WE Replica 1:1 274B, we have categorized this clear glass tube under the HiFi series (T-series are black bottle tubes).

If you have been stuck with so-so quality 5U4G, 5AR4, 5Z3P and 274B rectifier tubes from other brands, this is the opportunity to get the newest current production rectifier tube without having to spend a small fortune.

Rectifier tube’s life span in a tube amplifier is hard to predict – a power spike could easily kill a rectifier tube; but good rectifier tube will make your amp really sing. Use proper power conditioner with your tube amp to extend your tube life and protect your investment.

Note: This rectifier tube may produce a power-on flash at amplifier’s start-up. The flash happens randomly with some tubes but not others. The power-on flash is in fact produced by the tube heater at high temperature and will disappear itself in less than a second. This flash does NOT indicate tube quality or life expectancy, and it is not a manufacturer defect. It will not hurt your amplifier by any means and will not damage your speakers. Some NOS tubes from 1940s have flashed over half a century and are still singing in some amplifiers. You may NOT request us to ship a tube WITHOUT flash because this is completely random and cannot be predicted, controlled or selected by manufacturer or tube seller. We also cannot accept warranty return request due to tube power-on flash. If you do not agree to this term, we respectfully ask you please do not place your order.